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Job Dragon is the only career platform specialized in bilingual Japanese of Gen Y and our mission is to help people to be prepared for the next career move, because we don’t stay with the same job forever as our parents did.

Our Team

We are an international team of Gen Y ourselves who share the same concerns and have struggle with our own career and life.

Rion Aoki

Rion is the communication manager, or the guy running this project. His job is pretty much anything from creating strategies, communicating with contributors, writing articles himself, holding events, managing community, and the list goes on…

He is a popular blogger on economics, business, social media, etc. and a published author on social media and open source software. He went to colleges both in Japan and in the U.S., aspiring to be an academic economist, but realized that he cannot live with its social aspect, or its utter lack thereof :(

If you need an advice on online strategies for your international community, products, or company, Rion is the best person you can find in Tokyo.

Ilya Sidorov

Ilya is the tech wizard behind Job Dragon hailing from Russia. His responsibility is to keep Job Dragon running just as we want it to be and he does a damn good job about it!

He is an experienced technology consultant with extensive experience of web development both in Russia and in Japan and have a wide array of international clients that depends on him for their operation.

Not only does he work as a Job Dragon team and run his own practice, in Ingenium he is a search consultant for its Technology Practice. If you work in the IT field, you should discuss your career opportunities with him now, either in English, Japanese, or even in Russian :D

Michael Perkola

Michael is a marketing manager of Ingenium, whose task is to watch every bit of what we do… no, his real job is to be a good team member of Job Dragon and help Rion and Ilya from design and marketing perspectives.

He is a native cowboy born and raised in Texas with a brief period spent in Japan during his childhood to add some Ninja flavor. Prior to the current position, he has worked as a national security investigator (what!?) and in a major hotel chain.


The Ingenium Group, the source for talent

The Ingenium Group is a leading executive search firm for the Asia Pacific region, based in Tokyo, Japan. They specialize in identifying and attracting bilingual Asian executives for firms in Japan and throughout the region. JobDragon is started as a business unit of Ingenium.

Fusion Systems, human capital solutions

Fusion Systems is a leading IT solutions provider and software development company, specializing in time-sensitive and mission-critical solutions. The Ingenium Group, including JobDragon, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fusion.

Contact Us

We welcome your questions, feedback, suggestions or proposals. If you would like to discuss or learn more about our website, community, social media, offline events or CSR activities, we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us via the following email address for any inquiries and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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Job Dragon is a member of Ingenium Group.

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